Publishing: A Fairy Tale

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parkBy Cathy Park Kelly

Once upon a time, there was a writer with a tale to tell.  As many fairy tales do, it began with a beguiling maiden and a charming knight. All the people of the land admired the knight for his strength and his tales of bravery. Not many had caught the cunning in the eyes and the gleam of the teeth behind the iron mask.

But soon the maiden saw what the armour hid. At night, in their betrothal chamber behind the castle walls, a fire-breathing dragon came roaring out from behind the visor. The maiden, who feared that her knight was under an evil enchantment, tried to melt away the spell with her love. She listened, she gave, she carried more and more to free her man from the burden of this dark magic.

But the glare in the reptile’s glittering eyes, the cold cut of…

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